Gray-headed Tanager – Eucometis penicillata for Birdwatchers

Gray-headed Tanager  or Eucometis penicillata is a special bird for bird watchers from Colombia who can easily photograph it in the strategically placed feeders in the reserve and achieve beautiful photographs.

Measures from 16 to 18.5 cm. The gray head, the long tail and the small head, with a short, fluted crest.

The adults show head and neck slate gray, the gray throat paler and the rest of the upper region bright olive. It is deep yellow underneath, with an ochrato dye on the chest and side and with olive on the flanks. The iris is reddish brown, the beak is blackish and the legs color flesh.

Juvenile individuals exhibit the olive head and throat, as well as the lower parts, the fawn orange chest with a thick olive listing. The rest of the lower parts are pale yellow in color than that of adults. They show wing coverts with ocher borders.

They frequent the undergrowth of moist forests and areas of high secondary growth. Sometimes they come to clear neighbors.

Its nest consists of a light cup through which light passes, often located on a prickly palm in the forest or in a shrub at a height of 0.6 to 3 m. They put 2 eggs, in rare cases 3, of pale gray blue color, with an abundant mottled dark coffee. They put 2 clutches.

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