Reopening with Biosecurity at Tinamú Birding Manizales Nature Reserve

Tinamú Birding Nature Reserve is committed to the containment and mitigation of the Coranovirus COVID-19 pandemic by adopting the general biosecurity protocol and adjusting the specific protocols for operation in the eco-tourism sector with rural accommodation services and bird watching tours.

Thanks to the great work of all our collaborators, their willingness to train, quickly adapt to personal protection elements (PPE) and the desire to welcome back lovers of birds and nature in general, we obtained approval for the reopening of our services from the Health Secretariat of Manizales and the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales by Caldas.

The implemented protocols cover all the recommended measures, ranging from the entry of products, supplies, suppliers, visitors to the cleaning and disinfection of each space of the infrastructure such as kitchen, dining room, living room, kiosks, balconies, rooms and reception, likewise it is emphasized in the protocols in the food services, bird tours and accommodation, maintaining the respective capacity for each of them.

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