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Gray-headed Dove an achievement result of conservation

Gray-headed Dove, the new generation of this pigeon is once again in the nature reserve, the high state of protection and conservation of this small fragment of tropical humid forest embedded in the full agricultural area of Manizales-Colombia, which can be elusive and Lonely can recover its population and to wonder of the avituristas around […]

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Special messages from our Birders

We receive very special messages from each of the birders who come to our Tinamú Nature Reserve, who travel from every corner of Colombia and more than 20 countries in the world, each one taking a moment to express their experience and gratitude for feeling As at home thanks to the personalized attention and the […]

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Gray-headed Tanager – Eucometis penicillata for Birdwatchers

Gray-headed Tanager  or Eucometis penicillata is a special bird for bird watchers from Colombia who can easily photograph it in the strategically placed feeders in the reserve and achieve beautiful photographs. Measures from 16 to 18.5 cm. The gray head, the long tail and the small head, with a short, fluted crest. The adults show […]

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Andean Motmot, Momotus aequatorialis Manizales Bird Emblem

Momotus aequatorialis, Barranquero Coronado Manizales bird emblem Caldense promoted by the Ornithological Society and chosen by the city in 1995 for being a colorful, beautiful long tail bird making it a very attractive bird. This bird of Colombia Measures of 46-48 cm, is a large bird and is recognized by its large head with a light […]

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