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Lemurine Night Monkey by The Seedbed for Research in Primatology and Conservation of Their Ecosystems

The Seedbed for Research in Primatology and Conservation of Their Ecosystems (SIPCE) with the support of Tinamú Birding, managed to register the lemurine Night Monkey (Aotus lemurinus) in the natural reserve of the Tinamú Civil Society. This species is in the VULNERABLE threat category, due to its loss of habitat due to fragmentation, hunting, among […]

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Tinamú Birding is now a Civil Society Nature Reserve

  Our conservation objectives are further strengthened by being recognized as a Tinamú Birding Civil Society Nature Reserve RNSC 031-19 before National Natural Parks of Colombia PNNC according to resolution 056 of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.. For more than 40 years we have taken care, protected and reforested a small part of […]

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This is how the Global Big Day Colombia Tinamú Birding ended

Our participation in the #GlobalBigDay has always had 1. Organization 2. Discipline and 3. Commitment to Caldas in the conservation of birds and their habitats! Our result 123 species of birds during the 6th version #GlobalBigDay2020 Thanks to Luis Fernando Galvis and Verónica Echeverry for this great effort covering all the routes that in previous […]

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Leucism in Clay-colored Thrush – Turdus grayi

A case of Leucism in Clay-colored Thrush – Turdus grayi in the Tinamú Birding nature reserve was recorded in recent days, the bird surprised birdwatchers who were photographing birds in the feeders around the facilities, after several revisions and keeping in mind that was found next to a Black-billed Thrush, its size, posture and characteristics […]

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Reforestation and care of bird habitats

The conservation of the Tinamú reserve began more than 40 years ago thanks to the respect and love for nature of the Londoño Jaramillo family, who allowed the plantations of coffee and plantain to become a semi-natural forest, supporting their reforestation with planting of trees and flowers managing to attract a high density of fauna […]

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