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BirdWatching Colombia

Birdwatching: Global Bird Day Caldas Colombia

Pajarea with us during the GLOBAL BIG DAY, May 13, 2017 led by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology / E-Bird, let us contribute together to the bird count of Colombia. We have 8 places available for birders who wish to live a special bird watching experience in our reserve, shared accommodation (Friday May 12) and […]

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BirdWatching Colombia: Grayish Piculet, Picumnus granadensis

Grayish Piculet endemic bird of Colombia, is a bird that lives in our reserve and is observed during the Birding or BirdWatching Tour by the trails, nevertheless it gives us great surprises arriving to look for larvae in the trees around the feeding trough where the tourist Bird watcher can achieve amazing and much desired […]

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Andean Motmot, Momotus aequatorialis Manizales Bird Emblem

Momotus aequatorialis, Barranquero Coronado Manizales bird emblem Caldense promoted by the Ornithological Society and chosen by the city in 1995 for being a colorful, beautiful long tail bird making it a very attractive bird. This bird of Colombia Measures of 46-48 cm, is a large bird and is recognized by its large head with a light […]

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