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Avistamiento de Aves

Leucism in Clay-colored Thrush – Turdus grayi

A case of Leucism in Clay-colored Thrush – Turdus grayi in the Tinamú Birding nature reserve was recorded in recent days, the bird surprised birdwatchers who were photographing birds in the feeders around the facilities, after several revisions and keeping in mind that was found next to a Black-billed Thrush, its size, posture and characteristics […]

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Andean Motmot, Momotus aequatorialis Manizales Bird Emblem

Momotus aequatorialis, Barranquero Coronado Manizales bird emblem Caldense promoted by the Ornithological Society and chosen by the city in 1995 for being a colorful, beautiful long tail bird making it a very attractive bird. This bird of Colombia Measures of 46-48 cm, is a large bird and is recognized by its large head with a light […]

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