BirdWatching Colombia: Grayish Piculet, Picumnus granadensis

Grayish Piculet endemic bird of Colombia, is a bird that lives in our reserve and is observed during the Birding or BirdWatching Tour by the trails, nevertheless it gives us great surprises arriving to look for larvae in the trees around the feeding trough where the tourist Bird watcher can achieve amazing and much desired photography.

Picumnus granadensis Measures approximately 9 to 10 cm. Black crown, dotted with yellow at the front and white at the back (or the whole head dotted with white the female) the rest is pale brownish gray above, below pale grayish white without marks.

Singing is an infrequent call with a weak and sharp trill. Uncommon on edges of dry to wet forest and clear mound.

It is found on the edges of dry forest to moderately humid, secondary growth, thickets and forests and makes nests in generally dry trunks, hollows that till and round almost perfect. They reuse the nest.

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